NAME: Sig.Lad

ALTER EGO: Richard Franklins


CREATED BY: Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: Connection to the semi-mystical Sig.Force, ability to change shape and fill the new form with power based on how good of a punnish "sig." name is possible. Examples include In.sig.nificance Lad, Sig.Lock Holmes, Cyber.sig. Also possessed minor bagel magic and the ability to generate real-object GIFs with his Gauntlet of GIF.

PERSONALITY: Currently is very mellow (he's dead, you see). When alive was rather driven, especially when it came to his arch-enemy and alternate self, Acton Lord. In matters not relating to Acton Lord, he was very calm and centered.

HISTORY: Has undergone massive and frequent retconning. Current origin is that he was the son of Mr. Thingy, leader of the Net.astic Nine, who was given the Super Molder Serum to save his life (see Dvandom Force #43-45). At some later point he was joined with the Sig.Force and entered the LNH. After a number of incoherent adventures he went on a leave of absence to find himself, and ended up finding Constellation instead. They fought side by side for many months, during which Sig.Lad discovered he and Acton Lord were incarnations of King Arthur and Modred. Eventually, his Super Molder Serum became unstable again and in the course of seeking a cure he was killed to prevent Master Workload from taking over the entire Looniverse.

APPEARANCE: GIFs available here

STATUS: Former member of the LNH and Dvandom Force (deceased)



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