ALTER EGO: Kathryn Anders

ALIASES: Robot Girl, Kopikat

CREATED BY: Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: Once Kat was a human mind scanned into a powerful, shapeshifting robot body, but she has since been restored to human form. To compensate, she used her knowledge of futuristic science to create a powersuit for herself that generates a protective forcefield, increases her strength and speed, and can generate energy "claws." In addition, for times when this isn't enough, she built a fast attack vehicle named the Panzer.

PERSONALITY: About a century old, but looking in her early 20s, she has a lifetime of experiences, most of them bad. She tries not to get too close to anyone or leave herself vulnerable emotionally, and is trying to work through decades of guilt. She covers this up with a sarcastic attitude most of the time.

HISTORY: From an entirely different reality, she was born decades after most of humanity had been wiped out and the self-aware artificial lifeforms known as RoboMACs took over. Fought as a rebel against those who were trying to protect humanity, largely to show humans were still relevant. Was seriously injured and saved only by having her mind scanned into a RoboMAC shell. She served with the Guardians faction for several years before a traumatic incident forced her to abandon them and become a freelance spy. Eventually, she was hunted by both factions, and escaped into the Looniverse during the Looniverse Adrift events. She has been a major part of both the Secret Dvanders and Dvandom Force since then. In an alternate future, she was absorbed into Sig.Lad and became part of the being known as DeFacto V.

Shortly after helping destroy DeFacto V, Kopikat started helping Macroman gain better control over his powers by means of a mental interface. But what she was secretly abusing his trust to assauge her own loneliness, and this led to not only the creation of Jubatis, another pawn of Master Workload's, but also caused the rest of the team to ostracize her. At the climax of Workload's final attempt on reality, the nanotechnological agents in Kopikat's body, which had been creating a new body for themselves within her, were "born" as the new host to the Sig.Force, known as Sig.ma. As a parting gift, they restored her to human form before leaving to take over the duty of balancing Lord MUDD and Master Workload. Kat is currently under house arrest in the Dvandom Force HQ, because the nature of her crime against Macroman was so bizarre that normal channels weren't viable.

Her vehicle

STATUS: Member of Dvandom Force under house arrest



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