NAME: DeFacto V

ALTER EGO: Richard Franklins / Katheryn Anders

ALIASES: Necrosaur

CREATED BY: Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: An immensely powerful cybernetic being even on his own, especially when he pilots his gigantic Necrosaur RoboVector. In his personal past he has also wielded the combined might of the Sig.Force, the Corruption Force and the full power of Master Workload, which allowed him free access to the time stream.

PERSONALITY: Megalomaniacal conqueror type. Obsessed with order when he's linked to Master Workload, otherwise obsessed with power.

HISTORY: In an alternate future, Sig.Lad's attempted cure of his destabilizing condition resulted in Master Workload taking control of a combined Sig.Lad/Kopikat entity. He wiped out all resistance within the first thirteen minutes and started spreading his order across all time. In a gambit to ensure his origin happened, he failed to take into account the chance that Squidman would kill Sig.Lad to save reality, and DeFacto was cut off from most of his power and stranded in the current day.

His schemes ended with his death in Dvandom Force #60.

APPEARANCE: Like Sig.Lad, but all techno-organic and stuff. Necrosaur Robo looks like a Dimetrodon in non-humanoid mode.

STATUS: Dead net.villain



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