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Posts from June, 2003

  1. ZedneWeb’s new content manager

    A look at what’s new in ZedneWeb’s backend code: Mostly a lot of stuff that doesn’t affect you. (2003-06-17)

  2. Belated thoughts about Buffy’s finale

    A quick overview of why I liked Buffy’s final episode, and then on to the nitpicking. What was Buffy’s plan? What choice did the potentials have? How come Willow cast her spell after they opened the Hellmouth? And so forth. (2003-06-18)

  3. Spam, the internet, and the missing left wing

    Five articles on abusive spam filtering, the legal ramifications of the internet’s architecture, the most virulent internet worm yet, and why the left has seemingly lost touch with Americans. (2003-06-20)