It’s dangerous to go alone

Posts from July, 2003

  1. Is diversity valuable?

    Is it ever appropriate to consider race, sex, or class when making a decision? Should we look at affirmative action in terms of redressing wrongs or encouraging diversity? Is diversity a good thing in itself? Here’s one take. (2003-07-01)

  2. Articles: Lies and Texas

    Salon notes the press giving President Bush a lot more leeway about the truth than they gave Al Gore and The New York Times looks at the increasingly nasty power grab redistricting struggle in Texas. (2003-07-01)

  3. Seen around

    Articles from around the web discussing the action girls of this summer’s blockbusters, Ann Coulter’s new book, freedom of the press, and the value of unspoken rules in group formation. (2003-07-06)

  4. Articles: Web ads, superpowers, spies, and storage

    Five articles of varying length, covering the impact of Google’s AdSense on independent web sites, the practicality of invisibility cloaks, the seeming antigravity effects of lifters, the possible dangers of RFIDs in currency, and what happens when disk drive size dramatically outpaces access speed. (2003-07-12)

  5. Rise of the cam-phone?

    I originally thought that putting a camera in a cell phone was pointless, but I’m beginning to question that. Are cameras and phones offer more together than apart? How will society be affected as networked cameras become common? (2003-07-13)

  6. Abstract versus story-oriented games

    Three funny articles which treat chess as though it were a modern computer strategy game prompt a look into the differences between abstract games like chess and Tetris and story-oriented games like Warcraft and Marathon. (2003-07-13)