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       [Cover is a large silhouette of five people, four standing in a 
        semi-circle, the fifth in front, arm raised. Quite a bit of 
        information for a shadow, eh? In the bottom right hand corner, 
        the question is: "Who are the Alt.Riders?" The issue number box 
        is a snazzy First Issue star.]
                  "All aboard that's going aboard!"
Marsha looked up at the building which matched the address. It wasn't so 
much run down as run over. She didn't know how anyone could live here, 
or why for that matter, but this was the place on the card, the 
invitation both she and Inacoustic Kid had received.
        She glanced over at her companion. Inacoustic Kid was also 
looking up at the building, but with an interested look, as if trying to 
work out the story behind the building, how it came to be like this. 
Marsha smiled inside, appreciating his inquisitiveness.
        They entered through the doorway (which did not contain a door), 
and found stairs that took them up to the second floor, protesting at 
their weight. As they walked down the corridor, Marsha checked the 
invite yet again. Someone wanted to set a team up here? A team with them 
in it?
        Inacoustic Kid held up a hand, and Marsha looked at him 
puzzledly until she noticed that he was listening to something. Cocking 
her ear, she could just make out murmurings coming down the hall, from 
behind their destination come to that. She couldn't work out what was 
being said, so shrugged her shoulders and continued onwards.
        Reaching the door, Marsha put up her hand to knock, but 
hesitated. This was a big step. She had left the LNH because she wasn't 
any good as a heroine, a fact that had been drummed back into her when 
she had tried to take out Ninja-San. [In _Fan.Boy #18_ - Footnote Girl] 
And now she was thinking of joining a team? Why should she be any better 
in this than she was in the LNH?
        She caught Inacoustic Kid looking at her concernedly, with her 
hand half raised, and was treated to his look of trust. She flashed him 
a smile. Yes, that's why she was here. To start a new life. With him.
"So, what makes you sure they'll come?" asked Rick Mansfield, previously 
known to some as Amorphous Lad.
        "If you invite them, they will come," the Phantom Walker said,
without a trace of humour, then shrugged.  "They don't have anything
better to do. Besides, this team is supposed to be formed now." 
        "By you?" Rick didn't really like it when the Walker got all 
mysterious, but since he did it so often, there wasn't much Rick could 
do other than put up with it.
        "There's no-one else."
        "I don't think their reception to me will be all that warm," 
Rick said, his mind going back to the after effects of the business 
surrounding another shape changer.
        "That's true."
        Rick was about to point out that sort of attitude wasn't going to
help matters, when someone knocked on the door. Rick started, then paused,
and looked to He Who Walks For Another for confirmation. The Walker
nodded, and Rick opened the door.
        "You!" came a shocked voice.
        "Marsha," replied Rick, with a bit more delight in his voice 
than had been in hers. "It's nice to see you again."
        Marsha looked at him coldly, then over his shoulder at the 
Phantom Walker. Rick looked over her shoulder at a puzzled Inacoustic Kid.
        The Phantom Walker smiled disarmingly. "Come in, do. I'm sure 
you all know each other, so no need for introductions. Come in, come in."
        Before she was really aware of it, Marsha was sitting down at a 
table, Inacoustic Kid next to her, and Rick opposite her. The Phantom 
Walker peered out into the corridor for a moment, muttered something to 
himself Marsha couldn't hear properly, then shut the door.
        Marsha thought she saw a rather dark expression on the Walker's 
face, but she may as been mistaken, as now all she saw was benevolence.
        "If you think I'm going to team with him," Marsha said to the 
Walker, pointing to Rick, "you're in for a major disappointment."
        "You," said the Walker, looking directly at Marsha, "were raised 
in boarding schools and left home as soon as you got back, just to spite 
your mother." Marsha sat back, shocked. How did he know this? "You were 
transformed into a superhero, now having the body of, essentially, 
marshmallow, enabling you sustain direct physical damage, even gun 
shots, without ill effect. After joining the LNH, you found that you 
couldn't cut it a superhero, failing to defeat even one villain, and 
left. Traveling across country, you reached, and was 
captured by Queen Enterprises. You managed to escape and found him," the 
Walker pointed briefly to Inacoustic Kid, "and freed him as well. The 
two of you traveled back here, hoping to find a cure for the strange 
affliction that caused Inacoustic Kid's silencing powers to be 
permanently extended over a large radius centered on him. After finding 
out that you still couldn't defeat a villain, you decided to leave, but 
ended up staying for a while, just for him," pointing to Inacoustic Kid 
again "and so, since you really don't want to be in the LNH, I'm giving 
you the chance to join with us and be effective. Not by yourself, but in 
a team."
        [A rather shortened version of Marsha's history, previously 
detailed in _Guitar Man_, _World Tales_ (nee Elsewheres), and 
_Fan.Boy_. - Footnote Girl.]
        Marsha reeled, more shocked than angered. Inacoustic Kid looked 
impressed. "How did you know all that?" she managed to gasp out.
        "I have certain... connections with Queen Enterprises," the 
Walker said. "It's amazing what they know."
        "They know where we are?"
        "They knew a long time ago. Your capture wasn't the controller's 
decision, and it wont happen again."
        "I'm sure that's just so comforting," Marsha said, acid 
dripping. "That still doesn't make me want to team up with him."
        The Walker looked at Rick, who merely shrugged. "I told you," 
Rick said.
        The Walker walked through the squalor of the room, bare except 
for the table, some chairs, and a rusty sink, and stared out a grimy 
window. "Rick Mansfield, a long time LNHer known as Amorphous Lad, an 
adept shape-changer, better, at least slightly more versatile, than 
Pliable Lad. However, very prone to being taken over mentally. Due to a 
rather nasty incident involving the Master of the Net, and," he glanced 
over at Marsha for a moment, aware that she didn't know of the.. certain 
other viewpoint as to the nature of the reality of the LNHiverse, "from 
a lack of attention, he decided to leave. Then, thanks, I have to admit, 
to me, he avoided being killed by Frank Bennington, an otherwise small 
time gangster, and has since been helping me. One task he did by 
himself, however, was to kill another shape-shifter in the LNH, named 
It-Star," Rick looked startled by this blatant exposure of what he did, 
but made no comment, "which he did for several personal reasons. As 
no-one else could ever hope to understand those reasons, he has had 
little contact with his former companions, making outside teamwork an 
excellent idea."
        [Most of the events have been chronicled in issues like _Comic 
Plot Device Caper_, _Pliable Lad_, _World Tales_ and _Fan.Boy_ - 
Footnote Girl.]
        The Walker moved back to the table. "You know, with both 
backgrounds grounded in hate and running away, and with the animosity 
between the two of you already, I'm surprised you're not in love."
        Marsha looked at Rick, shocked by the suggestion. As he looked 
at her in similar shock, she turned to see an amused grin on Inacoustic 
Kid's face.
        "Yes," said the Walker, following Marsha's gaze. "Inacoustic 
Kid. Rather a minor player in the events of the LNH, you were kidnapped 
last year by Queen Enterprises, although nobody noticed. Hardly 
surprising, given their organisation," the Walker muttered, mostly to 
himself, before continuing. "You were experimented on, in the hopes of 
finding the source of your powers, ie. the ability to control sound and 
flame wars, something which has been rather lacking around here. Instead 
of gaining control, they ruined yours, and you ended up with a 
permanent silencing field around you, which others tended to find.. 
annoying. Marsha broke you out, and you made your way with her back to 
the LNH, where they managed to cure you. However, you were put out by 
their lack of interest in your disappearance, becoming disillusioned, 
and so left, with Marsha, for another alternative presented to you. This 
        [For some more recent parts of that information, see _World 
Tales_ and _Fan.Boy_ - Footnote Girl.]
        "And so we have someone looking for things to do, while keeping 
out of the spotlight," Rick was indicated, "Someone looking for an 
alternative to the LNH," Inacoustic Kid, "and someone wanting to start a 
new life, and try to be, for once, effective." Marsha. "Well?"
        Marsha frowned, turning over the ideas in her head. Yes, she 
didn't trust Rick, but she didn't hate him exactly either. He 
apparently had reasons, and she would be interested in hearing them 
later. She looked at Inacoustic Kid.
        He gazed back at her. "Your decision," was all he said.
        Marsha felt a rush of love for him. It meant a lot to her that 
he was willing to leave this decision up to her.
        "What about you?" she asked, turning to the Walker. "What's your 
        The Walker gave a tight smile. "I can hardly be objective about 
me. Rick, you tell them."
        "Me?" Rick sounded surprised. "But I don't really..."
        "You must know something about me."
        Before he could continue, there was another knock at the door. 
Rick got up to get it, looking grateful for the excuse. He opened the 
door and stepped back, surprised, revealing a man of about average 
height, with black hair and glasses. He was in civilian clothes, but 
then again they all were. However, very few people had ever seen this 
person without his costume on. The people gathered at the table knew 
him, although pretty much only by sight.
        "Fan.Boy," said Marsha, putting a name to the newcomer. "What're 
you doing here?"
        The new arrival looked embarrassed, unsure of himself. "Well, I 
got an invite to come and join a team..." he said, half-heartedly.
        "Exactly," put in the Walker, reminding everyone of his 
presence. If he wasn't talking, he tended to fade into the background. 
"Come in. Sit down. I've got a package for you somewhere."
        Somewhat self-consciously, the latest potential team member took 
a seat. "Well, actually," he said, awkwardly. "I don't really go by the 
name Fan.Boy anymore. Since I got rid of my powers, I.. well, I'm still 
a fan of all you guys, but there's nothing really special that separates 
me from any of the other fans now. I'm just Barry Knewbee, now." Barry 
stared down at the table, and Inacoustic Kid put a comforting hand on 
his shoulder, rewarded with a brief smile.
        [Due to events in _Fan.Boy_ - Footnote Girl.]
        "Yes, Barry Knewbee," said the Phantom Walker, giving Marsha 
another jolt. She kept forgetting he was there. "Another member late of 
the LNH. Arrived from another dimension, and soon managed to annoy most 
of the other members. But, was recently possessed in an attempt to take 
the world, more or less, and was forced to rid himself of his powers or 
let that, and other things, happen again. You, I have something special 
for, if I can find it..." Patting various pockets of his jacket, he came 
across a large lump, and pulled out the cause. It was a brown package, 
without any immediate value.
        "What is it?" Barry asked, intrigued.
        "First off, are we going to become a team or not?" asked the 
Walker. "I don't fancy putting all this work in only to find out the 
hard way that it isn't going to work."
        Rick stared at Marsha. "I'm happy to join, but there might be 
        Marsha stared right back at Rick. "Fine. I'm in. For now. At 
least this way, I can keep an eye on potential problems."
        "Good," said the Walker. "Rick, Marsha.. Inacoustic Kid has 
already agreed... Barry, how about you?"
        "I.. suppose. What are we going to do, anyway?"
        "We're going to be the forefront that tackles dangers before they 
get too near any place we care about. In some cases, that may mean going 
out into space, in others, it may just be a short trip across the 
country.. sometimes some _other_ place. We intercept the problem, and 
assess it. If we can't deal with it ourselves, we'll let the big guns 
know about it. We are, to use a rather antiquated term, adapted for our 
situation, Alt.Riders."
        There was a moment of silence as they pondered their new group.
        "What is this thing?" asked Barry, turning the package the 
Walker had given him over and over.
        "You should probably recognise it," said the Walker. "I was 
given it to give to you. I was told you'd know what to do with it."
        Barry opened the package with trembling fingers. Inside was a 
box, and he carefully opened the lid and peered inside.
        "What happens now?" asked Marsha.
        "In some traditions," said Rick, "to signify our break from the 
LNH, we should take on new names, somewhat better suited to ourselves. 
Hardly any of us are what we once were, and I think we've outgrown our 
names by now."
        "Wow, is that what I think it is?" said Barry, a hint of his 
previous endless enthusiasm creeping back into his voice. "It looks like 
it could be.. the Rung of Revamp!"
        Both Rick and Inacoustic Kid recognised the name, but Marsha 
didn't. "What?" she asked.
        "It.. redefines superheroes," said Barry, now somewhat 
breathless. "You think of what kind of powers you'd like to have, and 
the Rung revamps you. Best if it's only done once though." A frown 
appeared on his face. "I thought is was lost in a volcano or something."
        [The Rung of Revamp was last seen during Jungle Cheesecake, 
_Ultimate Ninja 7-9_. - Footnote Girl.]
        "You going to use that?" asked Rick.
        "I.. it would give me new powers." Barry reached in tentatively, 
but stopped just before touching the Rung. "Do I really need this, 
        "That's something you'll have to decide for yourself," said 
Rick. "While you think, I'll go first. I've given my new name a bit of 
thought, and from now on, call me Morph."
        Marsha blinked. Oh yes. A new name. Sounds like a good idea, but 
what? She saw Inacoustic Kid move, and turned to him. There was a hint 
of irony showing on his face.
        Very droll. Showed that he was no longer a Kid, as well as 
summing up his abilities, and, she thought soberly, expressing his 
bitterness at the LNH, although she was probably the only one who 
noticed. She liked it.
        For herself.. Marsha thought back over her life. What she wanted 
was a name from her past that would show how far she had come. She could 
only come up with one idea, but after giving it suitable thought, 
decided that it would do. "All right then. From now on, I'm Softcentre."
        The new Silence reached out and squeezed her hand. She returned 
the gentle pressure.
        Barry took a deep breath. "What have I got to lose?" he asked 
no-one in particular. Closing his eyes, he brought his hand firmly down 
on the artifact.
In her area of the LNH, All-Knowing Last-Chance Whiner Destiny Woman 
looked up in shock. "No, don't touch that!" she cried, her eyes not 
seeing what was physically in front of her, but some other, much worse, 
        But it was already too late.
The RACCelestial Madonna flew through the skies, relaxing in the 
carefree feeling of pure unfettered flight. Something jolted through her 
body and she cried out in agony.
        Something had just shaken the very core of the LNHiverse, and, 
as the living anchor of LNH in RACC, her as well.
        Feeling displaced, the Madonna quickly landed, and sat heavily 
on a nearby rock. A light-headed feeling flooded her, and she waiting a 
few minutes while the world seemed to whirl before her.
        Closing her eyes and breathing deeply, the sensation settled, 
and she reached out with her abilities to probe the beyond to see what 
force had caused this.
        Surprised, she could see nothing wrong with the universe as she 
knew it.
        Uncomprehendingly, she could find no explanation for what 
happened to her.
The Dvandom Stranger paused in his wanderings through the universe. He
knew exactly what had happened, and was also very surprised. It was the
first time he had ever seen that occur. 
        However, he also knew there was nothing he could about it, 
although he wouldn't have done anything even if he could have.
        Tapping his Editorial Staff in thought, the Stranger continued 
on his way, knowing that things had just become that much more difficult.
The Queen Bee grimaced as the pain flashed through her, and was left 
feeling disjointed. Although there was nothing physically wrong with 
her (as many people would have quickly assured her), she did feel as if 
a part of her was ripped out.
        Having been told that this might occur, she reached out to 
expend her industries in the search of someone she knew could now not be 
found. And she dreaded that consequences of that idea.
Barry's arm involunteerily spasmed, and his leg kicked out. He opened his 
mouth to scream, but his mind swamped with unending pain. His whole body 
was alive with a thousand pins pricked into every nerve. His bones were 
smashed and reknit millions of times a second, and his flesh was flayed 
from his body, and his raw body was then rubbed with sandpaper.
        It all ended an eternal second later, with Barry splayed out in 
his chair. He could still feel his body, and tell that everything was 
where it was supposed to be, but things were different. His body felt 
more responsive, more alert to the signals of nature that surrounded 
him. Most of all his mind was bright with the feeling of POWER!
        "Barry, are you all right?" A female voice. Must be Marsha's. Or 
Softcentre, as she was now called. New names. New body. New powers.
        "Have you got a mirror?" someone else, a male, asked.
        "Are you assuming just because I'm a female, I have a mirror?" 
Softcentre asked.
        "No, I was wondering if you had a bigger one than me."
        Barry managed to focus his eyes enough to see Rick.. Morph 
handing him a small mirror. With a strange feeling of perfect sight, 
Barry gingerly took the mirror, and froze. His arm! It was... black? 
Some non-reflective surface. Barry stared at his hand for a while, 
peering deep into the black material. He wasn't sure what it was. He 
couldn't feel anything strange on his hand. On his whole arm. Barry's 
gaze traveled over his arm, and then onto his body. His whole body was 
covered with this weird stuff!
        Barry stared deep. Was it just him, or could he see stars in 
        The voice snapped him back. That's right, the mirror. Barry 
brought it up to his face and gasped. His glasses were missing. 
Replacing them, covering his eyes, and.. Barry turned his head this way 
and that. There was a kind of visor there, looking to be of the same 
material as the rest of the outfit. It continued around his head in a 
narrow band, completely seamless, and joined in a perfect circle. He 
reached up and touched the band. Weird. There was something there, but 
it felt.. odd. Nothing like he had ever come across before. It fitted 
perfectly into his head, and he could hardly tell where it ended and his 
own bone began.
        "What kind of powers did you want?" asked Morph.
        "Power over the elements of the Net. You know, standard absolute 
control stuff." Barry heard his own voice speaking, but it sounded too 
calm to be coming from him.
        "And people thought you were a munchkin before."
        "I dunno," said Barry, still trying to come to terms with this 
situation. "I'm beginning to like it."
        "So, what do you call yourself, then?" asked Morph.
        "I am.." the perfect name appeared in his mind. "I am the 
        "Of course. Why did I ever think this would ever be conducted in 
any sane terms."
Marsha continued to stare at Barry's new body. One minute, normal 
clothes like they were wearing, the next.. this black thing that sucked 
the mind in seductively and twisted it at odd angles.
        "So, that's settled then," came a voice across her mind, and 
Marsha jumped. Damn, forgot about him again. "Morph, Silence. 
Softcentre. The Net.Elementalist. Call me... Agent."
        Marsha looked at Agent, and thought something was slightly out 
of kilter. She couldn't place her finger on it, and dismissed the 
feeling as effects of the shock of seeing Barry transform.
        "I don't have a base of organisation set up yet, so why don't 
the three of you," Agent motioned at her, Silence and the 
Net.Elementalist, "stay at the LNH for now. Rick and I can make other 
arrangements. In fact, it would be helpful if one of you was a permanent 
contact with the LNH, just so we can keep tabs on each other. 
Softcentre, would you be willing to do that?"
        Marsha was caught out by the reasonableness of the request. "Um, 
yeah, sure." She turned back to Barry. "You sure you're okay?"
        The Net.Elementalist put the mirror down. "I feel wonderful. 
Like I've been born anew."
        "Do you have any idea how to use those new powers of yours?" 
asked Morph.
        Barry opened his mouth, then stopped. "No. No, absolutely no 
idea." He shrugged, the material not even creasing. "Suppose I'll find 
out. Let's see. Just name the element? Flame!"
        A burst of red exploded from the middle of the suit, quickly 
spreading out and washing everything, including the visor, in a bright 
shade of red. Silence and Morph quickly moved back. Even Marsha could 
feel heat radiating from him.
        Barry turned, and aimed a hand at the door. Concentrating, a 
burst of flame spat out and engulfed the door.
        With a yelp, Agent jumped up, and pulled off his jacket, then 
started beating at the door. Marsha saw Silence also concentrating, and 
the flames quietened down enough for Agent to easily put them out.
        Barry looked at them sheepishly. "Perhaps I should have gone for 
Thread or something."
        With the door not taking up her attention, Marsha had time to 
realise something. "Flame? Thread? What's that got to do with anything? 
What about fire and water?"
        Morph, Agent and the Net.Elementalist all shared a glance, while 
Silence shared one with her.
        "Ah, well, that's rather difficult to explain," said Morph.
        "It's like this," said Agent. "You know of the 'Net, right? 
Newsgroups, email accounts, web pages, etc.?"
        Marsha nodded, not sure where this was going. Silence seemed to 
have an idea about this already.
        "Imagine that one of those newsgroups, for example, one of the 
creative newsgroups, depicted an actual reality. Say that 
alt.drwho.creative really related to an actual Doctor Who universe, and 
the stories written there were reflections of what really happened."
        "Okay," said Marsha slowly. "Have we been writing stories like 
        "Not exactly. We are stories like that."
        Marsha blinked a few times. "What?"
        "There is another universe, a lot like this one, but without the 
superheroes and all the silliness. Well, a different kind of silliness. 
Anyway, they have a 'Net, and two newsgroups on it are alt.comics.lnh 
and rec.arts.comics.creative. The people we call Writers," Marsha could 
even heard the capital W, "post stories there, and those events they 
write about really happen."
        "It's quite possible that this right now, us here together, is a 
part of a story," said the Net.Elementalist, and did Marsha detect a 
hint of guilt in his voice? "I originally came from a universe that 
affected this one, albeit in a slightly different way. Most of the 
events in my life since I arrived were stories on the newsgroups. Yours 
were too," he added quietly.
        Marsha was, understandably, having trouble believing this. "What 
do you mean?"
        "Take, for example, your adventure with Queen Enterprises," 
Marsha would have called it something other than an adventure, but let 
him continue. "It was posted as a five-part story, saying what happened, 
how you reacted, what others were doing..."
        "And it was a reflection of what was happening here?"
        "Not exactly. What happened here is a reflection of what was 
written. The stories cause the events to happen, and people to act in 
the way they do."
        "Act? Some person decided how I should react? Dictate my life 
for me?"
        The Net.Elementalist squirmed under her look. Morph took up the 
conversation. "Opinions are divided on the matter. Most of us prefer to 
think that the Writers cause the events to happen, but we still react 
normally, and they can somehow sense how we react, and write that in. 
Not everyone gets it right. It was largely because no-one was writing 
for me that I left."
        "So, someone out in another universe is saying how I live. 
Fine," she said in a disbelieving tone. "What's that got to do with 
Flame and Thread?"
        "Because this universe comes from a newsgroup, and ultimately 
the 'Net, a lot of the basic concepts are also from the 'Net. In this 
case, the four elements of the universe, fire, water, air and earth are, 
respectively, flame, thread, net and keystroke. It's rather hard to 
explain it properly, mainly because we can't confess to being absolute 
experts in the area ourselves. We just muddle along as best we can."
        Marsha looked at Silence. "You know about this?"
        "Heard things," was the response.
        "So now I have to get on with my life, knowing that some bastard 
could drop a building on me because he felt like it?"
        "Um.. yeah," replied Morph. "But it doesn't happen very often. 
Most Writers, after spending some time developing a character, are loathe 
to suddenly kill them off."
        "Sometimes," said the Net.Elementalist in a quiet voice.
        "I feel so much better now," said Marsha, although no-one 
believed her.
        "Anyway," said Agent, hoping to break the tension. "We'll need 
some way of keeping in contact, so I can call you. These should be 
common enough to raise no undue questions." Agent tossed them all a 
bracelet. After inspecting it carefully, Marsha put it on her wrist. It 
tightened a bit, until it was snug against her skin.
        "If the bracelet glows," said Agent, touching his and causing 
all the others to go from their normal black to a bright blue, "that 
means that someone is using it. Just touch it, and you will be able to 
hear and talk to the others." He made motions with his free hand, and 
they, with some signs of trepidation, touched their bracelets.
        "It's DNA-coded," said Agent, his voice sounding odd as it came 
from him, and issued from the other four bracelets, "so, no-one but you 
will be able to use them. Simple, eh?"
        He released his bracelet, and so did the others, the bracelets 
turning back to black as the last person let go.
        "I think that's about it, so, unless you want to go at each 
other's throats for a while," Agent looked at Morph and Marsha for a few 
moments, but they didn't move. "In that case, I'll contact you in a few 
days. I'm setting up a mission, but I've got to make sure we can get 
there. In the meantime, keep an eye out for anything suspicious."
        "Like?" asked the Net.Elementalist.
        "Birds flying backwards, building suddenly exploding, your 
friends vomiting over you for no reason, that sort of thing."
        "And now we try to continue with our lives?" asked Marsha.
        "As much as we ever can. You should take some time getting to 
know each other properly. You may not trust the person next to you, but 
you're going to have to know what they could do. It could become vitally 
important. And, Barry.. keep practicing, but somewhere safe."
        Barry nodded ruefully.
        "Right then," said Agent, clapping his hands. "In that case, I 
declare our team created. In celebration, as leader, I guess it's up to 
me to shout dinner tonight. Let's all go to _Fettucini's_."
        Agent missed Marsha's wary glance as he led the way out, but
Marsha didn't miss seeing Agent pick up the package containing the Rung of
Revamp, and put it away somewhere, not even leaving a lump in his pocket
as evidence of where it ended up.
        And as they all walked out, they all missed the flicker by the
The new team exit the building, and walk out into:
        Splashpage: The five of them brilliantly lit up by the sun. They 
just so happen to be standing in the pose silhouetted on the cover. Left 
to right, in the semi-circle: Silence, Softcentre, the Net.Elementalist, 
and Morph. In front of them, hand raised defiantly, stands Agent, 
yelling "We are the ALT.RIDERS!"
Next Issue:
Well, something better happen as nothing did this issue. Morph catches 
up with an old acquaintance, with Silence and Softcentre unfortunately 
coming along, and the Net.Elementalist finds a very interesting place, 
watched over by a well-known enemy.
All here in Alt.Riders #2!
Phantom Walker/Agent, Barry/Net.Elementalist, and the Queen Bee created 
by me.
Marsha created by Campbell March, now owned by me.
Inacoustic Kid was Public Domain, Silence isn't.
Amorphous Lad created by someone... Rick and Morph are created and 
owned by me.
All-Knowing Last-Chance Whiner Destiny Woman created by wReam.
RACCelestial Madonna created out of VAMMO Woman by some sick people 
involved in Retcon Hour (a nasty thing that happened to Contraption Man).
Dvandom Stranger created by (surprise, surprise) Dvandom.
Okay, so not exactly exciting in the action stakes, but I had to explain 
who everyone was, and set the group up... group dynamics up... Anyway, 
now that everyone knows who's involved, I can get on with my Plan(tm). 
Appearantly there was a character called Morph on an X-Men cartoon. News
to me.
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