Looking at the Alfar

By: Joey O'Leary

3.0 Powers and Weaknesses of the Alfar

3.1 Physical

The biggest difference between alfar and baseline humans is immortality. Once we reach adulthood we do not age. This is due to the advanced regenerative abilities of our bodies, which can (given time) replace entire limbs.

Although we are not nearly as strong as Oberon we are stronger than baseline humanity, and can lift and carry up to a ton.

Our senses are more acute. We can see better, hear better, taste better, touch better and smell better (the reason why we disliked cities when we still lived on Earth) than a baseline human can.

Although we are only as fast as human beings, our *reflexes* are several times faster. This was (and still is) particularly useful in combat.

Our immune system is so advanced that no disease has ever been able to beat it. Even HIV.

We can be killed only by the following:
We have pale skin (ivory, generally) which does not darken. We have angular facial features (although our faces still are human) and we have pointy ears.

We grow hair only on our heads, the genetalia region and, for males only, on the face.

Our eyes have vertical pupils, like a cat's eyes do. Due to this we have the ability to see in the dark as long as there is any light at all (just like a cat). We are also much more difficult to blind by using light sources.

Our teeth are both longer and sharper than those of a baseline human.

Our metabolism has adapted so that we need far less food and sleep then the average human (4 hours of sleep a night and 1 good meal a day). Any extra food or sleep is stored and can be used in times of emergencies.

All alfar are slender. None are overweight.

Alfar are not as fertile as human beings. A couple capable of reproducing general has a child only every century or two. alfar and humans are more fertile. The children of such unions seem human until between the ages of 12 to 20 when they become alfar. This is the basis for the idea of the Changeling.

Human and alfar seem to mature at the same rate. However alfar males don't become fertile until they are 60 years old and alfar females don't become fertile until they are 80 years old.

3.2 Sorcery

Unlike humans, alfar are a part of magic. Due to this relationship our magic is different from human magic.

All alfar are sorcerers. We don't need to go through with the sacrifices and rituals that humans need to. However we don't gain any power from sacrifices and rituals and must, therefore, rely on our own strength and the willing strength of other alfar (and other sorcerers/Omegas) to power our spells.

The strengths of our sorcery are:
Alfar use their own energy (or energy given to them willingly [see above]) to power these spells. Therefore one must be careful how much energy one uses. It is all too easy to drain yourself so much and that you need to recover (eat and sleep as much as a regular human) for a day or even a week. And, although more difficult, it is possible to drain yourself to death. It should also be noted that as alfar age the amount of power we can handle increases as well.

Although alfar cannot communicate mind to mind (other than to animals using animal magics), unlike Titiana, we can form Lifebonds.

A lifebond is formed unconsciously between willing parties (usually just 2 people and usually both alfar, but not always). The members of a lifebond are linked telepathically and empathically no matter how far apart they are. Also physical desire for the other member(s) of a lifebond is very strong. A lifebond lasts until death. The surviving member(s) of a lifebond can go insane if not treated properly and always seek out revenge against the killers of their soulmate. This is one reason why alfar very, very seldom kill another alfar [ in fact there have only been 2 alfar ever found guilty of murder of another alfar in the last 1000 years (they were soulmates), and they were executed].

3.3 Fact and Fiction

There are three legends about alfar that the author wishes to clear up before the end of this paper. They are: Iron, True Names, and the our inability to Lie.

In legend Iron interferes with elvish magic and can kill an alfar just by touching them. In fact iron does effect alfar (due to an alergic reaction); it causes their regenerative abilities to be at 50% efficiency against wounds caused by iron. As for the legends, well a spear through the heart will kill even an alfar and it's hard to concentrate on creating a severe storm when you're recovering from several nasty wounds.

In legend alfar have True Names, and knowing these names give you power over the named party. This is entirely false and is the result of a segment of our society who delights in tricking human.

In legends alfar cannot tell a lie, they can hide the truth, but they can't lie. Again, this is false. This is due to certain alfar who consider humanity so beneath them that aren't worth lying to, alfar who have taken to the code of chivalry of the Middle Ages and the same group of alfar who caused men to think that we had 'True Names'.

The End

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