Birds Fly

Here comes the dirt bike
Beware of the dirt bike
Because I hear they're coming to our town

They Might Be Giants, "Dirt Bike"

Jameel and I have long been almost the only writers in the LNH to write telepathic characters, he with Blue Canary and me with Windrider. A joint story was practically inevitable. We got the idea for the plot while chatting on LegionMUSH and later hashed out more details on IRC.

We unfortunately never did finish this story, and at this point it seems somewhat unlikely that it ever will be finished, but I think the partial work is still worth reading. It's some of the writing that I'm the most proud of.

Part 1: Introductions: An effort to tap into an extra-universal source of magic unleashes far more than was planned.

Part 2: Attacks: Particle Man, Drifter, and Occultism Kid fall victim to mysterious attacks.

Part 3: Meetings: Windrider and Blue meet as more Bikes appear and they begin to converge.

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