podlators Thanks

Thanks to all of the following people for helping with the development of these modules.

Tom Christiansen, for writing the original Pod::Text and pod2man. These modules are based very heavily on those, particularly the termcap handling and pretty much all of Pod::Man.

Brad Appleton, for writing Pod::Parser, which made writing Pod::Text the work of a single Saturday and Pod::Man the work of another single Saturday, and for finding lots of bugs in the first try.

Sean Burke, for writing up a detailed specification of the POD language that cleaned up a lot of edge cases and for his patience in explaining and defending the decisions of that specification. Thanks also for writing detailed instructions on how to parse L<> codes that I just implemented nearly verbatim for Pod::ParseLink. Sean also contributed the initial port of Pod::Man to Pod::Simple, so much of the current Pod::Man code is heavily based on his work.

Gurusamy Sarathy, for pointing out the need for a pod2text() compatibility interface for older applications, and for being willing to roll this code into the Perl core distribution.

Larry Virden, for feedback on the section on writing a manual page in pod2roff and lots of good suggestions for improving it.

Michael Schwern, for pointing out that pod2text() needs to be exported for backwards compatibility and for pointing out a bug in the collapsing of adjacent L</foo> links in Pod::Man.

Marek Rochal, for pointing out a bug in handling of Z<> in Pod::Man, that even periods preceded by font escapes need protection at the beginning of lines from *roff, and that the handling of =item text with embedded newlines was buggy in a previous version of Pod::Man. Thanks also for finding a bug with C<> in headings confusing nroff.

Tim Jenness, for providing the remaining ISO 8859-1 escapes for Pod::Text. Volunteers to implement the same for Pod::Man are welcome.

Johan Vromans, for pointing out a bug in the filename parsing in Pod::Man and help with various packaging problems.

Abigail, for better error handling code for unknown command paragraphs.

Zack Weinberg, for suggesting the right *roff magic to prevent blank lines between consecutive =item tags in lists and for explaining \fP and how to prevent escapes like C<> from breaking the font in headings.

Nicholas Clark, for the original patch to pod2man to allow it to process multiple files with one invocation and for the analysis of problems with F register handling with roffitall.

Joe Smith, for Pod::Text::Overstrike.

Robin Barker, for finding problems with multiline =head* headings and input filenames containing spaces.

Brendan O'Dea and Robin Barker (again!), for finding problems with Pod::Man guesswork and function and manual page references that contained words in all caps and proposing fixes.

Barrie Slaymaker, for the initial version of the heuristics in Pod::Man and Pod::Text used to decide whether to add quotes around the argument of C<>.

Colin Watson, for finally pointing me in the right direction to find the problem with excessive double-quoting of text in =item's on some platforms and see how to fix it, finding a problem with Pod::Man's output of section headings for troff, and the preamble change to define the IX macro to an empty macro when indexing is not requested.

Jarkko Hietaniemi, for the original language for pod2man.PL explaining the COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE section, the modifications to the test suite needed to run it as part of Perl's core tests, and testing and bug reports for OS/390 and EBCDIC.

Peter Prymmer, for pointing out the error reporting in Pod::Text and Pod::Man didn't include enough information to find the errant POD.

Michael Schwern, for the initial patch to support --code in pod2text, the patch for --verbose in pod2man, finding a problem with the handling of X<>, and diagnosing a problem with the pod2text() backward compatibility function..

Kurt Hirchert, for pointing out that the path mangling used to derive the manual page name should only be done for section three manual pages, and for suggesting a --name option for pod2man.

Mike Fry, for pointing out that the intuiting of the manual page name from the directory path didn't deal with three-component version numbers, serving as the impetus to rewrite that code to use File::Spec, and finding another bug with the module name intuition on OS/2.

Craig A. Berry, for reporting that POSIX::Termios doesn't work on VMS and providing the information necessary to add a workaround in Pod::Text::Termcap, for lots of help with build system changes for the merge with Perl core, and for pointing out a bug in the Pod::Man devise_title logic that may cause it to look past the end of the path array and produce Perl warnings.

Autrijus Tang, for finding a bug in error reporting in Pod::Text and providing a couple of test cases that became the beginning of the error test suite.

Marcus Shawcroft, for suggesting that guesswork not be applied to the NAME section since that text is frequently pulled out by tools like catman that don't understand *roff.

Hugo van der Sanden, for reporting that the anti-quoting regexes thought that a period was a number.

Martin Quinson, for finding a bug in the handling of =item 0.

Allison Randal, for taking over maintainership of Pod::Simple and providing a fix for reusing the same formatting object for multiple pages.

Sergey Skvortsov, for a patch for compatibility with Perl 5.005.

Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes, for diagnosing and providing patches for a few incompatibilities with the Pod::Simple calling syntax, pointing out that Pod::Simple didn't provide parse_from_filehandle, and pointing out the initial hash of options that parse_from_file and parse_from_filehandle accepted with Pod::Parser.

Ron Savage, for pointing out a problematic regular expression construct in Pod::Text::Termcap and Pod::Text::Color that broke in older versions of Perl.

Steve Peters, for ongoing work integrating into Perl core and reporting problems that crop up when that is done.

Jerry D. Hedden, for finding a test suite problem on Windows with Pod::Simple 3.04.

Brendan O'Dea, for the initial patch to escape apostrophes in C<> and verbatim text so that they won't be converted to Unicode single quotes and the preamble magic to work with non-groff formatters.

Kevin Ryde, for diagnosing and providing a patch for the =head2 problem with some *roff implementations "looking through" the font escapes at the beginning of a line and still seeing *roff metacharacters, and for finding and fixing an issue with X<> formatting codes containing newlines.

Steve Peters, for finding a problem with font settings in headings with multiple C<> formatting codes.

H. Merijn Brand and Juerd Waalboer, for explaining the Unicode test suite failures, PERL_UNICODE support, and the correct way to handle Unicode input and output in Perl. This resolved several confusions, including a bad assumption about how non-breaking spaces should be handled.

Niko Tyni, for lots of helpful bug reports and testing in combination with the Perl packages in Debian, for the proposal and implementation of POD_MAN_DATE and SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to support reproducible builds, and for Pod::Man graceful fallback from a missing Encode module.

Jerry D. Hedden, for spelling fixes and pointing out differences in aspell's dictionary on different systems.

Steve Hay, for a test suite bug fix on Windows.

Renee Baecker, for a patch to fix indentation of verbatim paragraphs that contain lines with only whitespace.

John E. Malmberg, for pointing out problems with the test suite leaving versions of temporary files behind on VMS.

David Hull, for pointing out the problem with choosing whether an item tag will fit in the margin of the paragraph in Pod::Text subclasses that add zero-length formatting codes and providing a patch to fix the problem.

Bjarni Ingi Gislason, for help in suppressing groff warnings from undefined strings and numeric registers.

James E. Keenan, for reporting an issue with formatting L<> links containing only URLs when the URL receives some formatting (such as escaping of hyphens).

Brian Gottreu, for fixing excessively long lines across all of the Perl core documentation, including perlpodstyle.

Andreas Koenig, for discovering an error in handling otherwise empty documents that have POD syntax errors and a POD ERRORS section.

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker, for multiple performance optimizations after profiling all of the modules in Perl core.

Peter Rabbitson, for lots of assistance in getting the right build configuration for a dual-life module included in Perl core, including correct installation with old versions of Perl.

Dave Mitchell, for a bug fix for warnings when determining the manual page title of a simple module and for how best to suppress Encode warnings during Perl core builds.

Guillem Jover, for the formatting change for manual page references and function names to match the Linux manual page standard, and reporting a diagnostic bug when pod2man or pod2text gets empty input on standard input.

Zefram, for analyzing and fixing a problem with the UTF-8 layer detection code in Pod::Man.

eponymous alias, for finding a bug in honoring the width option in Pod::Text::Termcap and a bug in the Pod::Text sentence option documentation.

Olly Betts, for fixing errors=none behavior to fully suppress the POD errata section, even with unusual errors that still trigger with no whining set.

Paul Evans, for finding a long-standing bug in the troff accent mark definition for an acute accent. This error appears to have existed since the first version of Pod::Man.

zynldyx, for a detailed analysis of the problems with line-breaking Japanese and Chinese text and a suggested fix, which led to the language option to Pod::Man.

Yu, for an analysis of problems with inconsistent sentence spacing in Pod::Man output and a discussion of possible fixes. I haven't adopted the suggested solution, but the discussion shed important light on a corner of nroff behavior that I had not previously understood and led to some guidance in the Pod::Man documentation.

raforg, for reporting that --quotes=none did not correctly suppress quotes in the NAME section of a manual page.

Richard Franks, for a bug report that surrounding an L<> tag with S<> failed to convert the internal spaces to non-breaking.

Julien √ČLIE, for catching a long-standing bug where bold and italics continued farther than they should in Pod::Man output if they were combined with C<> and fixed-width fonts.

G. Branden Robinson, for his assistance in understanding *roff syntax.

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