Reviews of Arthur C. Clarke Award Winners

This is a list of Arthur C. Clarke Award winners, including ratings for those books that I've read and links to reviews where I've written one. This is a juried award awarded for the best SF novel published in the UK (the author does not have to be British).

2023 Ned Beauman Venomous Lumpsucker
2022 Harry Josephine Giles Deep Wheel Orcadia
2021 Laura Jean McKay The Animals in That Country
2020 Namwali Serpell The Old Drift
2019 Tade Thompson Rosewater
2018 Anne Charnock Dreams Before the Start of Time
2017 Colson Whitehead The Underground Railroad
2016 Adrian Tchaikovsky Children of Time
2015 Emily St. John Mandel Station Eleven
2014 Ann Leckie Ancillary Justice 10 out of 10
2013 Chris Beckett Dark Eden
2012 Jane Rogers The Testament of Jessie Lamb
2011 Lauren Beukes Zoo City
2010 China Miéville The City & The City 9 out of 10
2009 Ian R. MacLeod Song of Time
2008 Richard K. Morgan Thirteen
2007 M. John Harrison Nova Swing
2006 Geoff Ryman Air 10 out of 10
2005 China Miéville Iron Council
2004 Neal Stephenson Quicksilver 5 out of 10
2003 Christopher Priest The Separation
2002 Gwyneth Jones Bold As Love
2001 China Miéville Perdido Street Station 9 out of 10
2000 Bruce Sterling Distraction
1999 Tricia Sullivan Dreaming in Smoke
1998 Mary Doria Russell The Sparrow 8 out of 10
1997 Amitav Ghosh The Calcutta Chromosone
1996 Paul J. McAuley Fairyland 4 out of 10
1995 Pat Cadigan Fools
1994 Jeff Noon Vurt
1993 Marge Piercy Body of Glass
1992 Pat Cadigan Synners 6 out of 10
1991 Colin Greenland Take Back Plenty
1990 Geoff Ryman The Child Garden
1989 Rachel Pollack Unquenchable Fire
1988 George Turner The Sea and Summer
1987 Margaret Atwood The Handmaid's Tale

Ratings for books that don't have a review are based on my memory of the book. The rating may well change if I get a chance to read the book again.

Last modified and spun 2023-08-28