rra-c-util 5.4

Further improvements to the shared infrastructure I use for my various packages.

This release adds new Autoconf macros for detecting SQLite. These use the same strategy that I used for libevent, and which I'm slowly adopting for all libraries that support pkg-config. pkg-config is tried first if available, and unless the Autoconf flags to point to particular install paths for the library are given. Autoconf then falls back on manual probing.

Also in this release are all the changes to the Perl support modules for test programs and the various generic Perl tests to implement the change that I started in the last Term::ANSIColor release: using the Lancaster Consensus environment variables to control whether tests run when they don't directly test package functionality, and skipping a lot more tests for the average end user who doesn't really care if, say, the POD syntax is correct or all the supporting Perl scripts past strictness checks.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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