Term::ANSIColor 4.03

This is a fairly small Perl module that provides a more convenient interface to the ANSI color escape sequences.

The primary change in this release is interesting for me but not so much for anyone else. It's the first of my core Perl modules that I've converted to Module::Build and to the new Perl test infrastructure that's now maintained in rra-c-util. (Yes, I know that Module::Build is apparently going to be dropped from Perl core, but the package also generates a Makefile.PL for backward compatibility.)

Starting with this release, all my subsequent package releases will start using the Lancaster Consensus environment variables to control whether to run non-default tests (namely AUTOMATED_TESTING, RELEASE_TESTING, and AUTHOR_TESTING). Hopefully this won't cause me too many problems. I'm currently setting AUTHOR_TESTING unconditionally, since I really want to see the results of those tests for all my code, but it's possible that will cause me too many problems with other people's code. (It would have been nice if the spec for AUTHOR_TESTING would let you set the value of the variable to the identity of the author whose tests you want run.)

I like having all my release tests run by automated testing so that I can identify any problems with the code to conditionally skip them, so I enable all the release tests when AUTOMATED_TESTING is set. This is probably peculiar to me.

The other changes in this release are all documentation and test suite fixes. There are no code changes in this release. Thanks to Olivier Mengué and David Steinbrunner for various bug reports.

You can get the latest release from the Term::ANSIColor distribution page.

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