rra-c-util 5.2

Another release of my general collection of utility libraries, Autoconf probes, general test cases, and similar things.

The major change in this release is the addition of Autoconf probes and portability wrappers for libevent. Now included are Autoconf macros to probe for libevent (mandatory or optional) either via pkg-config or not, following the pattern of other probes in rra-c-util. Also included is a portability wrapper, probes, and some additional glue code that allows programs to be written against the libevent 2.x API and work (mostly) with the libevent 1.4 API, albeit with some missing functionality.

This release fixes the systemd unit directory probe to not produce shell errors if pkg-config isn't available on the local system. It also fixes a syntax error when building portable/krb5.h with a C++ compiler.

There are multiple improvements to the Kerberos and process TAP add-ons: memory is properly freed in all processes, making exhaustive memory allocation analysis easier; process output is flushed after stopping the process instead of before; the method used to stop processes is cleaner; a memory leak when running via fakeroot has been fixed; and full use is made of the new test_cleanup_register API in C TAP Harness.

This release also adds a new message_handlers_reset function that restores all message handlers to their defaults and frees any memory allocated to set different handlers. This again is mostly useful when doing exhaustive memory allocation testing.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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