C TAP Harness 3.0

This is my test harness and C and shell library for writing test suites using the Test Anything Protocol (also used by Perl). The changes in this release aren't that major, but I changed one API in a non-backward-compatible way, so I bumped the major revision.

That change is to test_cleanup_register, whose callback functions now take two arguments instead of one. The first, as before, indicates whether the test case succeeded or failed. The second is now true if the callback is running in the primary process (the one in which plan or plan_lazy was called), and false otherwise. Callback functions are now called for all processes, not just the primary one. This allows cleanup of per-process resources, like memory, in the child processes, which allows for easier valgrind analysis.

Also in this release, the test harness was modified to reopen standard input to /dev/null when running a set of tests from a list, rather than inheriting standard input from the test driver. The test harness also now cleans up all extraneous copies of open file descriptors used during the setup of standard input, output, and error to avoid leaking harmless but noticeable file descriptors to tests.

You can get the latest release from the C TAP Harness distribution page.

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