(Wasn't that the subject of the last journal post I made? Oh, no, it was just similar.)

Hi. Sorry that I've been a bad correspondant! I owe lots of people mail and I'm rather behind in various things. Over the past couple of weeks, I've dealt with a couple of ant invasions, a compromised credit card number, and then a respiratory infection that completely knocked me on my ass. I'm still only back up to about 80%, although I did manage to do a complete day of work today for the first time in over a week.

More normal posting and communication should hopefully resume shortly.

The System of the World is a very long book, and is not, so far, all that horribly interesting, but I'm going to finally finish this series if it kills me, and illness thankfully let me get a solid start on it. Finally finishing Stephenson's Baroque Cycle so that I can stop thinking about it was one of my reading goals for the year. (I would have considered just not finishing the series, but it won an award, and I have a thing about eventually reading all the winners of certain awards so that I can judge them fairly.)

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