podlators 2.5.1

This is a quick, test-suite-only release to handle a new warning in Pod::Simple 3.26 that broke the test suite. Pod::Simple now warns if the =item elements seem to mix different types of items (bullets, numbers, and text strings). This triggered a couple of times in the test suite: once where I was explicitly testing the Pod::Man handling of that case (now moved to a separate test suite where I can suppress errors), and in several other places where I was testing item tag widths in formatting and was using =item 1 as the test for a single-column tag. That's now disambiguated with Z<>.

There are various other changes pending, but alas I don't have time for a proper release at the moment. (Particularly since I'll probably be tackling coding style changes and a switch to Module::Build in the next release.)

You can get the latest version from CPAN or from the podlators distribution page.

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