Late March haul

As you can probably tell from the paucity of my journal posts, I'm still pretty busy. The major account services project has mostly calmed down, but that was just in time for a major e-mail server crash last week, which consumed the entire week. I then spent most of the weekend sleeping (although I also got to read during the times I wasn't sleeping, and I got a four-day weekend).

I'm trying to increase the time I can devote to video games and reading first, and then once that's stabilized again, I'll get back to doing other things that will result in posting here. I do have a bunch (well, two) pending book reviews written, and am going to try to get to five posted reviews this month, but I may not make it.

Thankfully, I have a long vacation next month, during which I should be able to do some catching up.

Anyway, none of that has kept me from buying books, of course. The latest damage, partly from Powell's and partly from the Stanford Bookstore:

Karen Armstrong — The Battle for God (non-fiction)
Elizabeth Bear — The White City (sff)
Elizabeth Bear — Grail (sff)
Greg Bear — City at the End of Time (sff)
Francis Hodgson Burnett — The Secret Garden (classic)
Charles Dickens — Great Expectations (classic)
Peter Irons — A People's History of the Supreme Court (non-fiction)
David Levering Lewis — The Race to Fashoda (non-fiction)
Michael Lewis — The Big Short (non-fiction)
David Sedaris — Holidays on Ice (non-fiction)
Robert Louis Stevenson — Treasure Island (classic)

There will be another order going in shortly, since there are a bunch of just-released books that I want, and then another once the Hugo nominees are announced.

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