Good start

Hair of grass

Returning to posting pictures deserves a texture picture to celebrate.

Today was the first day back to work, and so far, so good. I didn't (despite planning on doing so) make a list the night before, but I did make one in the morning after properly using my initiative slot, and then I finished everything that was on it. I'm very pleased about that.

Tomorrow will be a travelling day, but I've already built up a bit of a cushion to make up for the lost hours. If I manage to get work done in the morning and evening tomorrow, I may even be able to take off a bit early Thursday to play more video games. (That continues to be a high priority!)

There won't be much time for Debian or other free software work, other than things I'm doing as part of regular work, for the rest of this week, since with travel I'll be a bit short on hours. A more normal schedule will resume next week.

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