Back to work

Distant sun

It's back to work tomorrow. (Well, actually, it was partly back to work this weekend; I've already put in five hours for the week so far, which will make up for a travel day on Tuesday.) I'm basically ready. We'll see if that holds when I try to do some more serious development tomorrow, but I'm doing the lighter stuff fairly well already.

Must remember to make a list for tomorrow before I go to sleep so that I can start the year off right in terms of task management.

I unfortunately never got to Debian Policy or Lintian during this vacation, which means that's my current top priority (apart from video games) when I get some free time away from work again. I know that I'll pick up a lot of momentum on both as soon as I start. I'm currently stuck in that awkward place where the amount of work feels overwhelming, so I never do anything. The only solution to that is to just start on something small.

It was an excellent vacation, even if I was sick for the beginning of it and didn't get done everything I wanted to (I never do). I'm feeling as relaxed and refreshed as I have been since the middle of October.

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