podlators 2.4.0

I finally got around to fixing the way that output encoding was done in podlators when the utf8 option is used so that it doesn't require PerlIO. Pod::Man and Pod::Text now require Encode and use Encode to convert output to UTF-8 if there isn't a PerlIO translation layer already in place.

This release also splits the style guide for writing POD documentation out of the pod2man page, where people mostly didn't see it, and into a separate perlpodstyle man page. I may have to do another point release to change how that's done to play well with the rest of Perl, but what I have seems to work for a standalone installation.

Thanks to Kevin Ryde, this release fixes a bug in Pod::Man when S<> whitespace was at the end of a line. Pod::Man was leaving a stray backslash without the whitespace in the output, which caused *roff to escape the newline instead and led to weird results.

Finally, I discovered that ExtUtils::MakeMaker will deal with the #! munging that I was previously doing by hand, so I now just use that facility rather than trying to handle it with .PL files, which makes the packaging much simpler and easier to work with.

You can get the latest version from the podlators distribution page.

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