spin 1.76

It's been quite a while (nearly two years) since a release of spin, but I finally got around to fixing a handful of bugs. The main bug fix was in processing the output of external converters (like pod2html or faq2html) that caused spin to duplicate the <body> tag in the resulting HTML output and make the HTML invalid. Thanks to Julien √ČLIE for the report!

The other change was something I needed for multi-column output using a table. The \tablerow processing already had special handling of a table cell wrapped in a <span>, lifting the attributes of the <span> to become attributes of the surrounding table cell. Now, \tablerow also does the same processing with a <div>. When making that change, I also noticed that \tablerow wasn't establishing a boundary, so tags could be left unclosed across <td> tags creating another type of invalid HTML; that is now also fixed.

You can get the latest release from my web tools distribution page.

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