New archive key

Since I'm in a GnuPG rekeying sort of mood, I've generated a new archive key that's a 4096-bit RSA key (overkill, I know) and is sign-only. I've updated the eyrie-keyring package available from my personal archive to install it. I haven't changed the archive signatures over yet, to give people who may be using that archive a chance to update. I'll probably do that after squeeze releases.

The new package still uses the old apt-key methods, since I wanted to update the key in lenny as well. I will probably eventually switch to using /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d as supported by the current version of apt. It's rather hard to tell from apt's changelog when that support was added, but I think it will be in squeeze; the squeeze apt-key man page at least makes that sound plausible.

While I was cleaning things up, I also purged from my personal archive all the packages that have since been uploaded to Debian, and also dropped the etch repository since all the Debian infrastructure is dropping it.

You can get the current information about how to add my archive and what packages to expect in it, as well as now-updated links to the Debian packages that I help maintain, on my Debian package page.

Posted: 2010-09-25 21:35 — Why no comments?

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