Coding styles

I'm one of those people who tries to keep a very consistent coding style across all of my projects, including project documentation and build system layout, and also like reading other coding style guides to look for good ideas and clean ways of organizing packages. I first wrote a coding style guide for INN once I started working on it regularly, then moved and expanded on that guide and added Perl for my work at Stanford. Over time, I wrote a guide for C build systems and package documentation.

These guides were all stranded in our old group web pages, which I'm working on retiring, and since they're my personal styles (although largely used by my group at work), it seemed to make the most sense to pull them back into my personal web pages. They're now available in a new coding style section of my technical notes.

The build system document is heavily revised, since I originally wrote it before I started using Automake, and the documentation guide now has much more detailed documentation of how I lay out README files. The other documents just have minor revisions.

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