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After reading Do It Tomorrow, I was inspired to try some of the techniques that Mark Forster proposes. I commented in the review about the closed list system, which I'm still mostly using with some success. But I also started playing with the initiative slot. In his system, the initiative slot is first thing in the morning each (eligible) morning, which is used for a special project that you want to make forward progress on.

There are several criteria for choosing a task for the initiative slot. One of the strongest is dealing with a backlog. Since I'd been feeling guilty about the backlog of Debian Policy work that had built up, that seemed like a good choice. I picked up Debian Policy backlog clearing as my initiative starting at the beginning of June after the AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop, with a goal of getting the open bug count below 100.

This has been very instructive, both from a time management perspective and from a Debian Policy perspective. Here are a few things that I learned on the Policy side:

Things I learned on the time management side:

I stopped using the initiative slot while travelling and haven't gotten back into the hang of regular time management since I've gotten back. I haven't yet decided whether to leave Policy work in the initiative slot for right now but change the goal, or whether to swap it out for something else. I'd like to keep momentum, but I'd also like to start using that slot for other things. Still pondering.

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