git-pbuilder 1.13

This supporting script for using cowbuilder with git-buildpackage came up at DebConf, which also meant more attention on the bug requesting that it be included in git-buildpackage. I've therefore done a few new releases over the last few days including additional features that the example script in git-buildpackage supported that my version of the script hadn't.

Changes since 1.10 include adding support for update, create, and login options, which call cowbuilder with the corresponding flag instead of doing a build, and support for taking the distribution on which to act from the name of the script in case anyone wants to create symlinks to the script as supported by the git-buildpackage example script. I also switched the license to an MIT license instead of the same terms as Perl (which didn't make much sense, since it's not written in Perl).

You can get the latest version of the script from my scripts page, and will also be included in the git-buildpackage package directly down the road.

Thank you very much to Guido G√ľnther for his discussion, willingness to include the script, and bug fixes.

Posted: 2010-08-13 13:30 — Why no comments?

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