AFS DNS SRV draft approved

The Internet-Draft that I've been working on to document how to use DNS SRV records to locate AFS vlservers and ptservers, replacing the obsolete AFSDB DNS record documented in RFC 1183, has been approved for publication as a proposed standard. Most of the changes required were minor rephrasings and some tweaks to fit the layout and presentation style that should be used for RFCs. This is the second RFC that I'll have published as proposed standard, and the first that I wrote almost all the text for. (The other one, RFC 5537, was based on extensive previous work by Charles Lindsey and others.)

The next step is the RFC Editor queue, which will probably involve some additional grammar changes and rewordings and a few more bits of back and forth, but all the procedural hurdles have been cleared.

This document obsoletes the AFSDB record portion of RFC 1183 for AFS, although does include information about when and how to publish those records for backward compatibility for older versions of AFS. OpenAFS will use DNS SRV records as of 1.6.

You can get the version of the draft that's going to the RFC Editor from my AFS notes page, and you can see a complete history of the document on the IETF tools page.

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