wallet 0.10

This is the first wallet release in quite a while. I've been frustrated by not having time to work on it, but thankfully a Kerberos upgrade project gave me an opportunity. This release also includes a lot of work by Jon Robertson, who is starting to do wallet server development.

The primary change in this release is support for Heimdal as a Kerberos KDC for the keytab backend. This includes abstraction of the Kerbeors kadmin interface used by wallet to make it easier to add additional Kerberos kadmin protocols. For Heimdal, the Heimdal::Kadm5 module (available from CPAN) is required.

This release also drops all support for synchronization with an AFS kaserver, and drops the kasetkey binary used to do that synchronization. The wallet client still supports creating a srvtab, but it's now done based entirely on the keytab, preserves the kvno, and doesn't make any changes on the server side.

Also in this release is support for storing file objects containing nul characters (provided that you have remctl 2.14 or later), separation of wallet reporting into a new wallet-report frontend and Wallet::Report Perl module, addition of lots of new reports, a fix for storing object data starting with a dash, a fix to suppress logging of wallet store data, and reporting of ACL names in object history.

You can get the latest release from the wallet distribution page.

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