krb5-sync 2.0

krb5-sync is the package that we use at Stanford for synchronizing user passwords and account status between our primary Kerberos realm and Active Directory. This new release adds support for Heimdal as well as MIT Kerberos and includes a patch for Heimdal's libkadm5srv, although the implementation will change in future releases.

This release also drops support for synchronizing passwords with an AFS kaserver. We haven't run a kaserver for quite a while, I no longer have any way to test the support, and several aspects of it were fairly Stanford-specific.

This release is long-overdue, so it also includes several other accumulated fixes: a new option to specify the Active Directory base DN, filtering out more noise in krb5-sync-backend's silent mode, and better error reporting and Kerberos portability.

You can get the latest release from the krb5-sync distribution page.

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