krb5-strength 1.0

The primary change in this version, and the reason for the 1.0 version number, is that I added support for Heimdal. The package provides its CrackLib-based password checks both as an external password quality check program and a plugin module for libkadm5srv using the Heimdal APIs.

It continues to provide the MIT Kerberos patch and plugin, but unfortunately still just for very old versions. This release does include some work on a new plugin API from the plugin side, and I was hoping to finish and propose a patch for the current version of MIT Kerberos for possible inclusion, but I ran out of time given other project priorities. Hopefully I'll get a chance to finish that at some point.

There are extensive changes to the build system and portability layer in this release and there's a new test suite, although none of that should change the functionality.

You can get the latest version from the krb5-strength distribution page.

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