Lintian 2.3.0

Continuing a Saturday after Christmas tradition (well, two years in a row, at least), have a new Lintian release. This release welcomes Raphael Geissert as a member of the Lintian maintenance team. He's been providing good patches for quite some time, so this was overdue.

Releases have been infrequent lately, so there was a rather large bug backlog built up. I also took some time to rewrite the tag handling module and move its namespace around, which is largely why the larger version bump.

This version has a few new command-line switches. --suppress-tags and --suppress-tags-from-file allows disabling specific tags that one never wants to see, added primarily for Emdebian to be able to turn off particular tags but possibly of use in other situations. -F or --ftp-master-rejects shows only those tags that might result in an automated reject, although currently doesn't distinguish between ones that can be overridden and ones that can't.

I'm going to update lintian.d.o in a few moments and start an archive-wide run, since this release fixes a bunch of bugs and should hopefully fix handling of multiple versions of the same package in the archive.

There are a lot of code changes in this release, so it may not be completely stable. I'm planning on making another release next Saturday.

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