Lintian work committed

Layered bank

This is one of the many dirt and rock banks between the 804 trail and the rocky beach in Yachats, Oregon. My parents and I spent some time picking agates out of this bank. There were dozens of them, right on the surface, although you had to see them from the right angle.

I committed the Lintian work that I'd been poking at the past few days and pushed it all to Alioth. The old Tags module is no more, replaced with a new Lintian::Tags module that, while it still needs work, is at least better-documented and better-structured. I also added a flag to Lintian to test only the tags that result in automated rejects from the Debian upload queue, which is the problem that started me working on the Tags module in the first place. One more thing crossed off the to-do list.

Other than that, I didn't get much done today on the computer. I helped my mother decorate Christmas cookies, finished a book, helped my dad with a few things, and wrote another review. Projects are still moving a bit more slowly than they feel like they should, but I seem to have gotten to the point in the vacation where I at least know where all the hours are going to. I also didn't sleep ten hours last night, so maybe I'm finally caught up on my sleep debt.

No picture sorting today either. Maybe tomorrow.

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