Lintian 2.2.18

It's been a long time since a release, and we were overdue. And I finally got some time to catch up from having been on vacation.

There are a bunch of bug fixes in this version, and I tried to clean up the lowest-hanging fruit from the BTS, but a lot of the changes came from the discussion around the new rejects from ftp-master if certain Lintian tags are found. The subsequent discussion in debian-devel, and some other threads in debian-mentors, turned up a few problems and short-comings, most of which should now be fixed.

I also went through all of the tags that can result in an automated reject and made sure that nearly all of them were severity: serious. The ones that cannot be overridden are certainty: certain; the rest are mostly certainty: possible, although some of them are reliable enough that they're still certain. While doing that work, I also filed bugs against debian-policy for all of the reject tags that aren't documented in Policy now. These are mostly obvious gaps.

This version removes the flawed check for dh-make boilerplate for the upstream author (the infamous "Author(s)") and replaces it with much more reliable checks for template phrases that are only going to be generated by the helper problems and which don't make sense in the completed copyright file for a package.

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