Meeting day

Sand on dark rock

Today was also not a day for getting a lot accomplished, mostly because I had three and a half hours of meetings and another hour of meeting prep. One of those meetings was a kick-off meeting for a new monitoring and metrics project, and much of the rest of the day was spent helping brainstorm the technical architecture we want to use to separate the data gathering from the data reporting and put a network protocol in the middle to make it easier to plug and unplug components later.

Maybe this time we'll follow this project through to completion and produce something we'll be able to keep using, unlike several of the previous iterations of this project.

I was going to write a review this evening, but I ran out of steam. I'm also not yet finding energy to work on Debian things. Hopefully tomorrow, with fewer meetings and more time for concentration, will go better on that front. I'm also hoping to get to play some volleyball for the first time in quite a while. I'm also considering writing the review in the morning before heading into work, taking advantage of morning energy.

I'm writing up some bits about authentication and directory systems on a Usenet group, which is reminding me of all the white papers I'd really like to write about how we do things at Stanford. It takes a lot of time to do that, but it feels so good to do it. Not this week; too many other things that are behind. But it's good to be reminded that I should make time for that.

Preliminary goals for tomorrow: finish getting ticked messages out of my mail and into my to-do system, and then finish the Heimdal implementation of password strength checking.

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