RIP WebLogin confirm page

Skunk cabbage

Skunk cabbage taken a year and a half ago in Nanaimo.

Today, I finished upgrading Stanford's WebLogin servers to WebAuth 3.6.1 and configuring them to suppress the confirmation page unless delegated credentials were requested. This means that if one is already authenticated to WebLogin, either by having logged on that day or by using Negotiate-Auth to authenticate with Kerberos, one will be immediately authenticated to Stanford web sites requiring authentication without any intermediate notification.

Skunk cabbage is a good analogy for how I feel about removing the WebLogin confirmation page. It does make things a bit quicker, but I think losing the notification that one is going from unauthenticated to authenticated space stinks. But it was an argument that I lost, and then we had a bit of a fire drill to finish the confirmation page removal. So today I'm feeling very relieved that it's off my plate and I can move on to work on other things.

I still haven't caught up on the Debian Policy list, but I've now gotten everything else out of my inbox. Digant and I finished "good enough for now" Debian packages of Apache ActiveMQ today, so I can stop working on that. Things are currently looking good for the rest of this week; I should have a chance to work on some lower-priority projects that will be fun.

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