Forward momentum

Dogwood false flower

It's been beautiful here, so I felt like posting something flower-like. This actually isn't a flower; the flowers will eventually be in the center, where there are only buds. This is the structure around a flower cluster in a dogwood. The outside "petals" are actually leaves (bracts).

I had trouble getting moving today, which seems to be the standard problem with Wednesdays. That apparently still needs some work. But I did push through it and started on Shibboleth 2.2 packaging for Debian. The new version of xml-security-c has been uploaded (and has already gone through NEW!), and I have the work done for xmltooling and opensaml. I'll build those tomorrow once xml-security-c has propagated into the archive and upload them, and then start on opensaml2 and shibboleth-sp.

I also finally pushed myself to do the first step of the work to support jaunty in our FAI build system. The FAI configuration is now managed via Puppet rather than synchronized out of AFS, which will also make it easier to maintain our disaster recovery site.

Given how many work hours I already have this week, I'm considering taking parts of tomorrow and Friday to do Debian work, particularly Policy and Lintian work since I'm rather behind on both.

Or maybe I'll do the Debian packaging of OpenAFS 1.5.61, since that was just released.

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