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Vanishing point

Looking south from platform five at the San Jose Diridon train station.

I'm back at work, which so far is going well. Vacation didn't feel long enough, but it clearly was enough to recharge my energy. I'm doing reasonably well at prioritizing and focusing, and as a result I've already gotten quite a bit done this week. Wednesday was my most productive work from home day in quite a while, which is a trend that I'd like to see continue.

One thing that's easier to see coming off of vacation than it was before vacation is why some of my scheduling plans haven't been working. I keep trying to do things in the evening, but after working eight hours or more, I'm mentally beat. After I come home and eat and spend some time with friends, I'm having a great deal of difficulty focusing enough to post a journal entry or write book reviews.

I'm not sure how much is tiredness after working and how much is having cycles of energy through the day, but either way, the solution is probably to try to move more low-energy things to the end of the day and move anything higher-energy towards the beginning. This may mean pushing even harder to do things like writing book reviews before work instead of afterwards. I think the other key will be to not fight against being tired so hard that I stay up late pulling out tiny bits of productivity at the cost of being well-rested and energized during the more productive time the next day. I'm currently experimenting with a relatively hard bedtime to prevent that.

Anyway. Still doing lots of time management pondering, as you can tell.

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