Yay, weekend!

Twig in the water

Today feels like a good day for a flow picture. This is another picture that I could probably take better now, but I still quite like it.

I finally got the major software releases I've been working on out the door, although much later in the day than I'd expected. It turned out that my redo of how to handle testing when the build directory is outside the source directory, while a bit of a simplification for the test suites run by C TAP Harness, made things more complicated for the native Perl, Python, and PHP test suites. That took a bit of fixing and a lot of testing. I suspect it will need some more work later on to clean it up and make it more obvious.

At some point, I want to write up my experiences from writing language bindings for remctl. There are a lot of tricks and work that has to be done to integrate language binding builds into the rest of a larger project that uses Automake.

The best part of today was that I got everything done that I needed to do in advance of the weekend and now I have a long weekend to do whatever I want. The only exception is that sometime this weekend I do need to deal with the USEPRO AUTH48 so that the RFC can be posted. But otherwise, I have a lovely long weekend stretching out ahead of me, which will hopefully be full of lots of video games, reading, and otherwise relaxing and enjoying myself. It's not a productivity weekend -- that's going to have to wait for a while. I still need to do some more relaxing and recovery.

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