remctl 2.14

The primary feature of this release is new support in the remctld server for designating one argument to a command to pass on standard input. That argument will be spliced out of the command's command-line arguments and fed on standard input instead. This permits that argument to be of almost arbitrary length (it still has to fit into memory in the server) and to contain nul characters.

Other improvements include filtering unprintable characters out of remctld's logging, changing terminology throughout to use "command" and "subcommand" to talk about remctl commands instead of the unintuitive "type" and "service," compilation fixes on Mac OS X, support for Solaris 10's native GSS-API library, and fixes for several minor memory leaks in the remctld server.

This is the first software release I've done synchronized with the C TAP Harness and rra-c-util distributions for test suite and portability code. What's included here roughly corresponds to the 1.0 releases of both, but there's one C TAP Harness fix that will be in 1.1 that I uncovered while testing the remctl release.

You can get the latest version of remctl from the remctl distribution page.

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