Even more spring

Cherry blossoms

Have more cherry blossom pictures.

Today wasn't as productive, but it wasn't bad. I happened to wake up early (around 07:00) and decided to stay up, so I'm shifting my schedule a bit earlier. The work that I was hoping to do at 06:00 on Saturday I now have to do at 04:00, so the earlier I can shift my schedule before then, the less the shock will be.

One of the drawbacks of being very productive right now around a ton of upgrade work is that I now have a bunch of upgrades queued up, all of which need to be done after hours. I'm going to be working every Saturday from now until the beginning of May except for the two weekends that I get off as part of my vacation. But when I'm done, all of the servers for which I'm primarily responsible will be in Puppet and most of them will be running Debian lenny.

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