tracker 1.1

tracker (not to be confused with the GNOME project by the same name which came along later) is a very small program used to track usage of programs at Stanford, primarily licensed software. It consists of a client program that sends a UDP packet to the tracking server containing the username and then runs the actual program, and a server which listens for those UDP packets and prints log lines to standard output. We use it as a lightweight way of gathering usage statistics for any piece of software we provide centrally whose existence we need to justify for some reason.

The previous release (of 1.0) was in 2003 and it's been working happily ever since. It didn't need a new release, but since I needed to package it for Debian for the migration of our license server, I gave it a cleanup and update to match my current coding and documentation standards. I also fixed a long-standing bug that would cause it to not work on systems with a 64-bit int.

You can get the latest version from the tracker distribution page.

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