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This shot was one of my early experiments with the macro mode in my camera. I'm still quite happy with it.

Taking a break this week from video games to regather myself and refocus has been an excellent decision. I'm back to working from my to-do list instead of jumping on what just came in and not stressing too much over just what item on my to-do list I need to be working on. That's a mental trick that's part of the Getting Things Done method, but which I have a hard time with: ideally, one should separate analysis from action. The point of having the list is that I've already thought about everything on it and decided that I need to do it, which means that as long as I'm working on something on the list, I don't need to second-guess myself. Everything on the list is important and should be done.

I need more practice at that to make it stick, but today I did a good job with it.

The result is that OpenAFS 1.4.8 packages for Debian unstable are just about ready and include fixes for a huge variety of issues raised in both the Debian bug tracker and in Ubuntu's. I've included DKMS support, although since the DKMS package hasn't yet been uploaded to Debian, I'll probably disable it for the initial upload and re-enable once there's a DKMS package I can depend on. But lots of other things are fixed or improved, and I've pulled up a bunch of changes from OpenAFS CVS.

A couple of my friends are going to be away this weekend for a convention, which means I'll also get the long holiday weekend mentally to myself. While I'll miss our regular interaction, it's good timing. It will be a good weekend for quiet contemplation, working on whatever comes to mind, and staying inwardly focused. Given the first month and a half of this year, I'm rather burned out on other people right now and am still recovering my social energy.

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