Good week

Twig and seed

Buds and seeds capture my mood at the moment. This wasn't my most productive week ever, but it was a solid, comfortable week of getting things done. Some of my project work was quiet, so I spent most of two days refreshing the Debian OpenAFS packages and now have 1.4.8 packages ready for upload once the Debian release process is past. I also got the pam-krb5 security update out, stayed current on Lintian, and even pushed Policy forward a bit more. Among other things.

More importantly, I got back in control of my mood, caught up on my sleep, settled my life back down and put it back into a normal schedule, and built a solid structure for the next few weeks.

And now, I have a wonderful three-day weekend, and I'm not even going into it feeling behind.

Posted: 2009-02-13 21:01 — Why no comments?

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