Real vacation starts

Rocky viewpoint

I think this picture captures my mood for the day.

The Monday of a vacation is the first real vacation day. Up until then, the only difference from a regular weekend is that you know it won't be over after the weekend. That's a difference, but not as much as having Monday come and not having to work. Plus, it usually takes me the first couple of days to recover enough energy to start to enjoy vacation properly.

I finished the first true vacation book, started during vacation rather than beforehand, today (Brust's The Lord of Castle Black), and finally wrote one of my backlog of book reviews for posting tomorrow. Last night, between being creative, was spent poking at the news.announce.newgroups archive software to get ready to move it and control message archiving to a new system.

The last few news.announce.newgroups posts weren't archived due to missing Archive-Name headers. I need to let someone know about that and then archive them manually. I'll probably do that tonight.

I also posted a picture of osoberry that wasn't quite good enough for its own entry but which was good enough I wanted to make it available.

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