backport 1.15

This revision of my quick script for backporting Debian packages fixes the parsing of the *.dsc file name to work properly with native packages and relaxes the restriction on the paths for cowbuilder chroots.

In and of itself, this probably isn't worth another announcement on Debian Planet, but both are patches from Eddy Petrișor that he sent me shortly after my first Debian Planet post after trying the script out, improving the script both for me and for anyone else who might happen to stumble across it and find it useful for their problem.

I've worked on enough free software that this doesn't surprise me, but it's a pure delight every time it happens. And it amazes me how much it happens with little convenience scripts where I doubted that anyone other than me would care. After reading too many flamewars and arguments, it's a bright spot of joy to get that sort of mail.

So thank you. It's what this free software thing is all about, to me.

You can get the latest version from my scripts page.

Posted: 2008-12-21 18:36 — Why no comments?

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