Faces of olive

Faces of olive

Have more olive trees.

Today was a nicely productive day, although I didn't finish convincing lbcd to compile without warnings and I probably have another day of work to put into the next release. But further progress on virtualization is awaiting some software installation, so I have the time at the moment.

I expect to make a remctl release tomorrow.

Late night tonight because I spent the evening talking with friends, which was a nice social break in a week that has mostly been about concentration and re-establishing of schedule. I thought about skipping walking today since my heel is a bit sore (still getting used to new shoes), but I think I've convinced myself to go exercise, particularly since it's not as late as I feared.

I thought I'd talked myself into what I was doing about getting a new flat-panel television, but now I need to go investigate cheaper ways of getting rid of my existing one. I should probably just Freecycle it, but it's extremely heavy, I do not want to help carry it, and I'd feel weird about some random person showing up to take it and refusing to help. if I were paying someone to take it away, I'd feel a lot more comfortable about that. Maybe Goodwill will want it. Paying a premium to get a TV from a store that will haul away my old one probably isn't worth it. This is currently keeping me from getting a new TV and probably an Xbox, which is mildly annoying; on the other hand, it's not like waiting longer to spend money is going to hurt me.

Mostly I just want it done because I don't want to think about it and don't want to do the necessary research, but feel an obligation to do so.

Yeah, I know, it's such a first-world problem. Ten people have starved to death in Africa while I've been pondering how to spend $1000 on a new TV.

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