remctl 2.13

This release has been in preparation for a while, and finally today with a lot of help from Jeffrey Hutzelman I finished some final fixes and testing and got it out the door.

The main improvement in this version are new PHP and Python client library bindings contributed by Andrew Mortensen and Thomas Kula respectively. There is also new, more general ACL scheme support in the server contributed by Jeffrey Hutzelman, which currently only supports a reject ACL and the CMU GPUT system beyond what was previously supported but which provides a framework on which to build.

Other fixes include substantial fixes to the Java client and server build system (it previously didn't work at all), fixes to the Windows port, improved portability to Solaris, and various other build and configure fixes. The server also now, when including configuration files from a directory, ignores more files with odd characters, fixing a reported Debian bug.

The new packages have been uploaded to Debian experimental rather than unstable to not interfere with the lenny release, since they won't make that. They'll be in the release afterwards. I expect it will take a little while to clear NEW.

You can get the latest version from the remctl distribution page.

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