Updated Debian notes

Some time back, I wrote up our current best practices in the Stanford central UNIX support group for managing Debian servers, and some time before that, I wrote up some notes on useful Debian package build tools. Both of those pages had become hopelessly out of date. Over the past week, I've been revising them, and they should now reflect reality somewhat better.

Notable in the changes to the build tools document is a switch from debarchiver to reprepro. I haven't finished doing that migration for my personal repository, but I'm most of the way through and hope to be able to pull the trigger fairly soon. I like debarchiver and have used it for years, but reprepro supports a pool structure and package migration between distributions, both of which are killer features. We're going to be switching to reprepro for Stanford's internal archives as well, although probably not until sometime in November or December.

I also moved the documentation I had for packaging individual scripts into a separate document and updated it to reflect the fact I use Git now instead of Subversion. Most of the details here are fairly straightforward and obvious, but I find it useful to read through something like this and see how someone else approaches a problem. Maybe someone else will find bits of it useful.

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