spin-rss 1.19

I finally found some time to write documentation so that I could release spin-rss, the program used by spin to generate RSS feeds and dynamic thread files. spin is the system that I use to generate all of my web pages, including my journal, and the RSS pages for my journal and for my web site change log are generated by spin-rss.

This program is rather idiosyncratic and I'm not sure how useful it will be to someone other than myself, but then I thought that about spin when I first wrote it. It takes as input an .rss file which contains a block of metadata and then one block per entry. It can transform those entries into either an RSS feed or into a couple of types of thread files (for later processing by spin). It has special code to handle my journal entries and my book reviews so that I can write them in thread and generate nice RSS feeds as well as web pages from them.

You can get the latest version from my web tools distribution page.

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