Random food note

The Lucerne "Limited Edition" gingerbread-flavored light yogurt is delicious.

Google tells me that "Limited Edition" means "seasonal," since they had it last year as well. Why they only do this flavor during certain times of the year is beyond me, but then I never got the whole seasonal thing anyway. When we run out of oil and the world's transportation system collapses, I will greatly bemoan my inability to get summer fruit in winter thanks to it being summer in South America. (Shortly thereafter I will stop moaning and start screaming as I am devoured by feral dogs, given how useless my skills will be after the collapse of civilization.)

Yeah, so I didn't feel like writing a book review today and I didn't accomplish anything useful to brag about. How'd you guess?

Posted: 2008-01-16 22:18 — Why no comments?

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