I got my car back this morning, and with luck I'll get no further surprises and this weekend will be the nice, relaxing weekend that last weekend was supposed to be. The current hope is to spend tomorrow doing chores and running around so that I can spend the rest of the weekend vegetating.

Right now, what I want more than anything else is large stretches of time entirely to myself. Maybe I'll read. Maybe I'll play video games. Maybe I'll just sleep.

I'm currently working on The Lady of Sorrows by Cecelia Dart-Thorton, which is still slow and repetitive but just interesting enough to keep me reading, and The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction, since I was in the mood for something non-fiction. I'm about to go read more of the latter. Queued up behind both of those is Dust, by Elizabeth Bear, which I've been waiting for for nearly a year.

The book after that will be my 400th review, so as is traditional for the round numbered reviews, I'll re-read something that I loved the first time. I think this time it'll be Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay. And then maybe I'll start on Jack McDevitt's series.

See, this is why I rarely borrow books from people. Everywhere I look in my apartment, I see books I already own that I'm looking forward to reading.

This weekend may (or may not) also be a chance for me to catch up on book reviews, in a further clearing of the plates and tidying up loose ends.

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